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Promoting your Fun Run fundraising campaign to your students is essential for fundraising success. It's possible to execute an excellent Fun Run event that students love, but yet not reach your financial fundraising goal. The Fun Run campaign is really all about the fundraising! Ensure your students take part in the "fundraising activity" as well as participating in the run (or other event). To achieve maximum fundraising participation among your students, try to implement as many items listed below as possible. The more elements you can incorporate, the greater chance you have of reaching and/or exceeding your fundraising goal.


Student Kits

Student kits are designed for both students and parents. Student kits should be printed, distributed, and sent home with the students.

You can access and download all the student kit materials in your Dashboard in the Resource section. Ideally they should be individually packed and labelled in a 9 x 12 Envelope.

  • Letter home to parents
  • QR Flyer
  • Color Flyer
  • Pledge sheet (Donation form, Cash/Check/Offline donation form)
  • Sample letters (Thank you/sponsor me)
  • Optional Rewards Program Materials
  • Rewards Prize Sheet

Kickoff assembly

The best way to announce your campaign to the students is with a "Kickoff Assembly". Having an assembly helps to create a buzz among students and demonstrates to students that this is an important campaign for the school. A Kickoff assembly guide is provided in the Resource section of the Dashboard. The assembly guide covers what to say during your assembly, and provides some ideas to enhance your assembly. Take the time during the presentation to explain to students how to fundraise. Be sure to let the students know who is a good potential sponsor to approach. Remind the students that their family, friends and extended family are a good place to start. If you are utilizing a rewards program, the kickoff assembly is a good time to introduce it.


Daily brief from teachers

Teachers can help to motivate a class to fundraise. There is no need to modify or interfere with the curriculum. MyFunRun recommends teachers spend no more than 5 minutes each morning speaking to the class about; health, nutrition, fitness, and/or fundraising. It's also fun for the students to review the progress of individuals and/or of the class (or grade) as a whole. MyFunRun provides an outline teachers can use to start discussions in class. The teacher outline for class discussion can be accessed and downloaded in the Resource section of the Dashboard.


Daily announcements on public address system

If your school has a public address system, use it to make daily announcements on progress made towards the school goal. You can announce the names of the fundraising leaders of the day. When students hear regular announcements about the Fun Run fundraising campaign, they will become more aware and eventually participate more. Daily announcements can also be a "reward" or "incentive" for fundraising. Let the leader of the day make the announcement, and/or mention names of students who have been active fundraisers.


Motivational visits from the principal

The school principal has a role to play as well. If possible, the principal should be encouraged to make a very brief visit to each class to give a little motivation to the students. A visit from the principal in itself can be very motivating to students, and it demonstrates to students (and parents) the school is serious about fundraising, and how important the fundraiser is. If your principal is extremely busy which is often the case, start with visits to the underperforming classes who have raised the least and have the least participation.


Incentive and Rewards program

Incentives and reward programs are a staple of school fundraisers because they work. An effective reward program can have a massive impact on your overall raise. Generally speaking, students can grasp the concept of a reward faster and easier than they can understand the importance and need for fundraising. Offering rewards for fundraising shifts the students' focus from participating "for good" to participating for "self gain". Hopefully, the student will appreciate both the intrinsic value of fundraising as well as the benefit to him/her.

If you decide to implement your own rewards program, MyFunRun has tons of valuable information and ideas to help you. Visit the Rewards section of this resource center for more information on implementing your own rewards program.



Placing posters in key locations around the school is another way to promote your run to students. Place posters near the school entrance, the main office, the library and the gym. Speak to your art teacher to get students to create their own posters. One great idea is to create a giant thermometer to post at the main entrance. As the school progresses toward the goal, color in the thermometer to reflect the progress towards the goal.



The MyFunRun website features a "Leaderboard". Depending how you set up your Leaderboard, it displays the leading fundraisers by individual, class and grade. You can also select if you want to show the entire list of participants or only the leading fundraisers. The Leaderboard fosters friendly competition among students and creates an element of fun to the campaign.


Awareness Dress Day

One great way to help create awareness about your event is to implement an "Awareness Dress Day". Having an unusual dress day provides a special treat to students while helping to get the word out about your campaign. Your special dress day can be themed such as workout clothes, or even something fun but unrelated such as pajamas. The key is to make a splash, and to make it fun for the students. A special dress day provides you with another excuse to send another letter home to the parents promoting your Fun Run.



Creating a short video for your Fun Run is a great way to create a fun vibe and a buzz around your campaign. The video can act as a teaser to the event on your website and during the kickoff assembly. If possible, try to get teachers or even the principal to participate. If you can, take video of the teachers doing a Fun Run or some kind of physical activity. Students get a real kick out of seeing their teachers on video. Add some fun music to enhance your video. Consider adding some short clips of your school mascot, students, teachers and the principal talking about what the Fun Run means to them.



Many schools create and distribute a Fun Run T-shirt as part of their Fun Run fundraising campaign. T-shirts are an excellent way to spread awareness about your fundraiser and cause a stir. Both students and parents appreciate receiving a gift. Each T-shirt you distribute is like a mini billboard for your fundraiser. T-shirts tend to last and your message will be re-inforced when a student wears the T-shirt. This can be valuable for creating awareness for your campaign next year. One popular strategy used is to get sponsors to pay for the cost of the T-shirts. In exchange, you can print sponsors’ logos on the back of the shirt. For more information on sponsors and corporate sponsorship, please visit the "Sponsorship Program" section of this resource center.

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