Privacy Policy

Privacy of Children Online

MyFunRun recognizes the importance of the privacy of children, and as such we have built in mechanisms and safeguards to protect MyFunRun participants' privacy in our system. Each school has unique policies and requirements for security. To that end, we have created several "privacy levels" that offer a range of choices.

Personal Fundraising Web Pages

Questions regarding online privacy are centered around the information used to identify students on their Personal Fundraising web pages that each student will use during the campaign. Participants' may also optionally appear on the leaderboard and on the search page of the main website (donate to a participant). The leaderboard is flexible and may optionally display individual leaders, leading classes and/or leading grades (or no leaderboard at all). In general, MyFunRun recommends using first names with a last initial only, however stricter privacy measures are available as described below.

Your school need not provide MyFunRun with any personally identifiable information of participants if you prefer not to. We only require the minimum information to display based on your selected level of privacy.

Here are some options:

  • No Privacy:
    First name, last name, photo, student created content, and/or anything else you like.
  • Low Privacy:
    First name, last name, your pre-determined content.
  • Medium Privacy (Recommended):
    First name, last initial only, the same pre determined content for each student.
  • High Privacy:
    Participant number only (no names at all). This option requires that you provide us with a reference number for each participant.

For various reasons certain students may have even stricter privacy needs. Those students can be omitted from the participant list you provide us, and/or they can be removed (deleted) from the system from within the administrator Dashboard with the click of a button.

  • Highest Privacy:
    Individual pages for each class only. No individual student pages at all. No names and no participant numbers.

Privacy of Donors

Your donors' information belongs to you. MyFunRun will not share or sell your donor's personal information with any third party and we will not use it for our own advertising purposes. You have complete access to all transactional and personal data collected through the website with the exception of credit card numbers which we do not store. This information can be accessed via the Transactions report in the Dashboard. MyFunRun is a division of Inc. Founded in 2002, has a well documented and proven record of success and customer satisfaction.