Rewards program
Managing your rewards/incentive program

Creating and managing your own rewards program

If you prefer to manage your own rewards program, here are some ideas and thoughts you can use to create and implement your own rewards program.

  • Donated items
    The best rewards are the ones that don't cost anything, therefore, try to have your prizes/rewards donated. Some popular items that are relatively easy to acquire for little or no cost are; gift certificates for food such as frozen yogurt, subs, or restaurants.
  • Purchased items
    You can always purchase your own reward prizes. In general, MyFunRun recommends spending between 5%-10% of your raise on incentives and rewards.
  • Privileges
    Another great way to incent participants is with special privileges. These kind of rewards cost you nothing, yet students appreciate them greatly. In some cases, more than actual prizes. Here are some ideas for privileges you can use as rewards; extended recess, passes, announcer for the day, Principal for the day, dunk the teacher, duct tape the teacher to a wall, etc... Be creative and think of what “no cost” rewards you can offer participants.
  • Class/grade rewards
    Some may feel that rewarding individuals for fundraising performance is unfair, or that it promotes too much competition. The fact is it's easier for some participants than others to get donations. One way to overcome this inequity is to reward by class rather than by individual. By ranking and rewarding by class, no one individual is singled out but rather the class is united as a team. Some ideas for class rewards are; double recess, class party, free lunch in cafeteria, special field trip or outing, etc...
  • Large prizes/draw
    Another strategy you may employ is to use a few large prizes rather than many smaller prizes. This may not be quite as incenting to the participants, however it requires less work for you to secure and distribute the prizes. In order to make sure everyone has a chance at winning the large prizes, MyFunRun recommends awarding a chance to win the large prize for each $20 or $30 raised.

MyFunRun provides reports for you to see how much rewards your participants earned based on your own program and criteria.

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