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Methods and Models for Registration


MyFunRun recommends using pre-registration. The fewer obstacles there are to registering, the more likely people are to participate. By pre-registering your participants, you guarantee a greater level of participation. It simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Pre-registration also gives you control over participant's web pages. Participants do not have the ability to edit their page, which eliminates any risk of non desirable postings or abuse. Participants can view donor's comments left by their supporters on their respective web pages, and can also track progress made towards their goal via the "fundraising thermometer". When you "pre-register" your participants, there is no need for students to "log in" or maintain a username and a password.

In order to pre-register your students/participants, you must provide MyFunRun with a spreadsheet containing a row for each participant including; first name, last initial, grade and class. Your school need not provide us (MyFunRun) with any personally identifiable information of participants. We only require the minimum information to display based on your selected level of privacy.

Here are some examples of information to provide. Select the option that suits your schools’ policies best.

  • Low Privacy
    First name, last name, your pre-determined content.

  • Medium Privacy (Recommended)
    First name, last initial only, pre determined content.

  • High Privacy
    Participant number only (no names at all), pre-determined content. This option requires that you provide us with a reference number for each participant.

  • Highest Privacy
    Individual pages for each class only. No individual pages at all. No names and no participant numbers.

For various reasons certain students may have even stricter privacy needs. Those students can be omitted from the participant list you provide us, and/or they can be removed (deleted) from the system from within the administrator Dashboard with the click of a button (they can only be removed by us).

Open/Public Registration

MyFunRun has the ability to operate an "open registration" model. In this case, students and/or other potential participants are directed to an online registration form. When completing the registration form, users must enter an email address, a username and a password. Registrants are then able to edit their fundraising webpage and modify their settings such as their goal. The registration form can be customized to collect whatever information you require; for example T-shirt size. If you don't know who your participants will be in advance, this option could be a good solution for you.

It is possible to use both pre-registration and open registration in combination, pre-registering known participants while still allowing anyone to register through the website. This option is useful if you are pre-registering a well defined group and want to open registration to another group. Using both methods to register a single group is not recommended.

Free vs Paid Registration

MyFunRun recommends using a free registration model versus a paid registration model as it is simpler and the most inclusive. In the free registration model, there are no fees to participate, so everyone can be pre-registered. Money is raised when registered participants get family and friends or others to donate to them. In the paid registration model, funds are generated from the registration fee paid to become a participant. It is still possible for participants to collect donations in the paid registration model. In that case funds are raised from both the registration fees and whatever donations are collected.

Individuals, Class, Grade, and Teams

There are 4 ways that a participant can be indexed in the system; by name, class, grade, and by team. Class, grade, and team are optional.

MyFunRun recommends including as much information as possible for each participant. This will allow website visitors to search for participants by name, class, grade and/or team. It also allows for setting goals for individuals, classes, grades, teams and for the entire school. In addition the Leaderboard can be configured to display the top fundraiser by individual, class, grade and/or team. Finally by including class and grade you will be able to track progress better in your reports, and identify classes or grades that may be underperforming. You can then take steps to motivate the underperforming group.

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