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Getting your teachers involved in your campaign can impact your overall raise. Teachers and staff have a role in making your Fun Run a success. It certainly doesn't hurt if you can gain their "buy in" to your fundraising campaign. Usually, an email or a memo to the teachers introducing your Fun Run campaign will suffice. MyFunRun provides a sample introductory letter to teachers as well as additional documentation specifically for teachers in our resource section. Emails and letters can work well to spread the word, however, whenever possible try to introduce the concept in face to face meetings. One very effective way to introduce the concept to administrators, staff and teachers is with the MyFunRun video. It's extremely fast (approx 60 seconds), and it's effortless for you to share the link and present the video via email or social network. Teachers can also be encouraged to fundraise and have their own personal fundraising pages.

MyFunRun respects your teachers' curriculum and recognizes the importance of not interrupting or interfering with the regular learning schedule. We recommend teachers spend no more than 5 minutes each morning talking to the class about the fun Run. Teachers should encourage fundraising and announce the daily updates and progress towards the goal for the class. The documents in the MyFunRun resource area provide guidelines and ideas for teachers to discuss regarding the Fun Run. Teachers can be excellent motivators to get your students fundraising.

Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and physical activity are important values to teach our children. The Fun Run campaign is the ideal opportunity for teachers to start a discussion on the value of health and the importance of proper nutrition, physical activity, and sleep. MyFunRun provides links to interesting and relevant independent documentation for teachers in the Dashboard which can easily be downloaded and/or shared.

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