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Your Fun Run fundraising campaign is the ideal opportunity to promote your campaign and to create goodwill towards your school within the greater community. A school's public image is extremely important. Reaching out to your community can be an extremely effective way of creating a positive image for the school and increasing the school's profile. Most importantly the Fun Run is the perfect vehicle to obtain free advertising!

Free advertising requires very little effort for a great potential gain. The short amount of time it takes to make a few calls or send a few emails is well worth it to garner some free advertising.

There are several easy ways to get completely free advertising for your Fun Run campaign:



Most local small newspapers have dedicated space for non-profit announcements. They often have a "bulletin board" or non-profit section to announce fundraisers and events just like your Fun Run. Your local paper might even send a reporter and/or photographer to do a story with a picture. Students, teachers, administrators and parents really get a kick out of seeing an article or even a picture in their local paper. They will share the article with all their friends proudly. MyFunRun provides you a sample letter/press release to request an article (or listing) on your FunRun in your local paper. Remember there's a healthy message to your run.



Local radio stations often allot time in their schedule for non-profit announcements. Try to get a DJ/radio host to mention or talk about your Fun Run campaign. Some radio hosts may even be open to interviewing a few students on the air. Hearing an announcement on the radio or seeing an article can do wonders for your school's spirit. MyFunRun provides you a sample letter/press release to request publicity from your local radio station.


Public boards/announcements

There are many places dedicated to non-profits. Take advantage of every free listing you can get.


Posters in stores/coffee shops/libraries

Spread your schools name and brand by placing posters in retail locations, coffee shops, and wherever else people spend time and posting is permitted.


Table in shopping mall

Try to get permission to setup a table in a high traffic location. Have a few students solicit donations/sponsors. Always ensure adult supervision for activities in public places.


Public places/events

If permitted, try to create a presence at public events such as festivals, outdoor shows, concerts, markets, etc...

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