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Sell Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Selling corporate sponsorship packages is an excellent way to raise additional funds. Corporate sponsors can have their names exposed to your donor/parent support base in a variety of non-intrusive ways:

  • On the Sponsors page of your website.
  • On the receipt email that donors receive upon contributing online.
  • In your press release.
  • Student Kits.
  • More exposure depending on school policy; offline flyer, posters, and other materials.
  • Extend special offers and promotions via student kit and/or website such as; coupons, discounts, gift cards, 2/1 specials, etc...

Sell Raffle tickets

Another great potential source of revenue that requires little effort is the built-in Raffle. MyFunRun has done all the work for you by creating an easy system for your supporters to purchase raffle tickets online through your MyFunRun website. When it's time for the draw, MyFunRun will provide you with a spreadsheet with all ticket numbers and information for each ticket holder. All tracking and reporting is automatically handled for you. All you have to do is mix the numbers in a hat and draw the winning ticket(s). The draw can be held the day of the Fun Run, or any time after. If you plan on holding a “wrap-up” assembly, that's an ideal time to hold the draw.

The success of a raffle in large part depends on the prize(s) you can procure. Obviously a high value prize will attract more people to purchase raffle tickets and you will be able to charge more per ticket. Where do you start procuring high value raffle prizes? The best place to start is always by reaching out to your network and community. Do you know a person or company that may be willing to donate something of value? Some of the types of prizes that are commonly donated are:

  • Weekend at hotel/resort/spa
  • Breakfast On Air with DJ
  • High-end bicycle
  • Large screen TV
  • Airline tickets

*Note that certain municipal, state, or federal regulations may apply to raffles. Prior to planning a raffle, ensure you understand the rules and regulations in your area and that you have the correct permit(s), authorizations, etc...

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