Manage Your Campaign

Tips for Managing your Fun Run Campaign

Following all the steps in the “Raising Money” section virtually guarantees your fundraising success. Try to implement as many of the suggestions as possible. The more you put into your fundraising campaign, the more you will get out of it. Typically, donations start off slow and increase as you approach your fun run date. Throughout the course of your campaign, you can keep informed of your fundraising progress from the dashboard.

Key metrics to monitor

How many students are participating?

When monitoring your progress, one metric is; the number of students who have received at least one donation (active participants). If your school has 500 students and only 50 students have received a donation (or more than one donation), that’s a “participation rate” of only 10%. If your participation rate is low, you should focus on getting students to participate more. The participation rate can be a source of pride, and may be a powerful and influential statistic in motivating the principal, teachers and staff. School spirit is increased when a significant participation rate is achieved. If each student receives only 1 or 2 donations, the school can reach its goal. If each parent donates to their own child, the goal should be very attainable. Try to get as many students as possible to get at least one donation.

Class performance

Another useful metric to follow is the performance by class. It’s easy to see at a glance either in the Dashboard or on the Leaderboard on the website which classes are reaching their fundraising goals and those that are not. It’s not uncommon to have some classes that will tend to underperform in terms of fundraising. When you note a particular class that is clearly not motivated, communicate with the class teacher and ask him/her to spend a few minutes to motivate the kids. One excellent way to motivate teachers is to offer all your teachers a budget of 10% of whatever amount their class raises, to be used towards anything the teacher wants; bean bag chairs, digital camera, costumes for plays, etc... If the class has a “Class Mother/Father” try to communicate with her/him to send an email to the class parents if possible encouraging participation. If you want to do some extra motivating, visit the sections on "Promoting to Students" and "Promoting to Teachers" for ideas on how to motivate a class.

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