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What is fundraising success? How is it measured? Success depends largely on our goals. Usually, the primary goal of a fundraiser is to raise money. It may be for something general like funding your organization's activities, or it may be very specific such as; playground equipment, electronics and wireless equipment, lab equipment, smart boards, trips/travel, uniforms, etc. You may have other goals for your fundraising campaign such as; spreading a healthy message, increasing school spirit, loyalty, increasing engagement of parents and/or teachers, increasing or improving the school's public image in the community... etc.

It's a well-known fact that having a clear specific goal can motivate us. This is especially true in the world of fundraising.

If this is your first time conducting this type of fundraiser, choosing a goal can be a little tricky, as you won't have any reference points. The goal should be high enough to be challenging yet reasonable enough to be attainable. A good starting reference point is estimating how much will each student raise on average. This can vary tremendously based on many factors and can range from $5 per participant to over $100. Each school is different. Try to gauge the average goal per student for your school. MyFunRun typically raises more than other types of fundraisers, however past fundraisers may give you some insight into the potential raising capacity of each student.

Goals can optionally be set for individual participants, classes, grades, and/or for the entire school. Progress towards the goal is displayed as a rising thermometer. The home page displays the goal for the entire school (optional), while each participant's page displays their individual student goal. Class and grade pages show their respective goals as well.

We can always adjust individual student goals on an as-needed basis.

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