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Why MyFunRun?

No Upfront Cost

Our $395 set up fee comes out of the funds raised, so you’ll never pay upfront with us. Our competitors charge up to $2,000 the moment you sign the contract.

Industry Lowest Rates

Our average fees are 10% of the total funds raised. Our competitors keep up to 48% of the funds raised both online and offline.

Participant Pre-registration

We take care of everything. Custom fun run website, personal fundraising pages for students and pre-registration of all participants of the run.

How It Works

Watch the video to see how MyFunRun can help you raise more money for your school.

What You'll Get With Us

Join the hundreds of schools that have raised more than they could ever imagine with MyFunRun.

Keep More Than 90% Of Proceeds

Track Online & Offline Donations

Healthy Fundraiser For Schools

Save Time With Automatic Reporting

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All Digital Materials Are Provided