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Offline Donations

No fees service fees or credit card fees are applied by MyFunRun on funds collected offline. Even when you enter the offline donations in the system, offline donations are 100% yours and no fees will be applied(unless you are participating in our rewards program). In order to facilitate unified tracking of online and offline donations with respect to reports, totals, rewards, receipts and more, MyFunRun includes a system for entering, verifying and tracking your offline cash/check donations.

In addition to online credit card donations, students (and/or parents) may collect cash and check donations (offline donations). Each donation should be properly recorded on the pledge sheets provided, and submitted in an envelope with the pledge sheet(s) to the school. Offline donations can be entered into the system by students, parents or administrators. Offline donations are entered by clicking on the "Student Resources" link at the bottom of each participant's fundraiser page. Offline donations can also be entered by the Fun Run administrator in the Dashboard. Once the funds are delivered to the school, the cash and checks must be counted and verified by the website administrator.

Offline Donations
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