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Your fundraising website has been customized for your school based on the information you provided. Your website may include various optional features such as:

  • Custom design with your logo, image and colors.
  • Homepage:
    Thermometer for school goal, countdown to the event, social network sharing, content regarding the campaign, videos, etc...
  • Individual unique webpage for each student:
    Online donations, student goal thermometer, content, donor list, donor comments, (optional: name and photo).
  • Donate / Search for a Student Page:
    Allows visitors to search for a student.
  • Leader Board Page:
    Customized by individual and/or by class, and/or by grade.
  • Contact Us Page.
  • Become a Sponsor page:
    Sell sponsorship packages.
  • Sponsors page:
    Display your sponsor's logos and links.
  • Raffle Tickets:
    Sell raffle tickets and/or any other type of ticket.
  • Photo albums

If you wish to add additional pages or content, please contact your MyFunRun representative.
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