http://www.brecknock.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Sprint to Spring Fundraiser

Thanks to MyFunRun for your great fun run platform. It makes it very easy for friends and family to donate to your fundraiser by using the website. The Leaderboard allows friends, family, and students to see the amount raised. MyFunRun is very easy to work with and always answers my questions quickly. I made a data entry error on the day of our event, I was very stressed. I called customer service and my mistake was fixed immediately. We have raised over $10,000 2 years in a row!!!

Tricia Boyer , Shillington, Pennsylvania

http://www.westridge.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Tigers on the Run

Thanks so much for all of your help with the website, personal fundraising pages and reporting! It was a very smooth process from our end! We exceeded our goal because of MyFunRun.

Elizabeth Larson , West Des Moines, Iowa

http://www.gilbert.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Gilbert Adventure Run

We did well enough to have a decent budget for next year's events and activities. The online system was easy to use, and had great information so there were no surprises or complaints from donors. We would recommend MyFunRun to anyone who asks!

Jackie Chester , Gilbert, South Carolina

http://www.mdcityes.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Maryland City Elementary Fun Run

This year’s fun run was another huge success, and a lot of the credit goes to you and the amazing website you create for us each year. Thanks again MyFunRun.com!

David Kellett , Laurel, Maryland

http://www.hillsborough.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

HES Fun Run 2018

By working with MyFunRun, we were able to meet and exceed our goal for our fundraiser. MyFunRun provided us with an easy to navigate website that allowed us to keep track of both online and offline funds. We used a different company for a previous fundraiser and they ended up taking about half of the money raised. So, if you are looking an easy solution to manage a fundraiser that won't have an big impact your bottom line, look no further than MyFunRun.

Dennis Knox , Hillsborough, New Jersey

http://duewest.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Trail Blazer Trot

Using MyFunRun has been a great experience overall! Compared to Boosterthon we kept a much larger percentage of funds raised (this year we raised approximately $60,000 with only 8% going to MyFunRun, whereas Boosterthon kept almost 50% of what we raised).

We had more control of prizes and incentives and we were able to promote our school and foundation instead of Boosterthon's brand on t-shirts. Teachers and staff were able to have input into how the event is managed throughout the school day instead of when Boosterthon would go to classrooms on a rotation in the morning, regardless of what was going on in the classroom.

We did have a lot of volunteers that helped us have a great event and fundraiser and raise much more money for the school.

We highly recommend MyFunRun.

Amy Taylor, Marietta, Georgia

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http://www.coyotecreek.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Coyote Creek Scurry

After trying several other companies that do the run for you (including Boosterthon) but charge outrageous commissions we decided to try and do the run ourselves, but we knew we needed a good online system to be successful. I found My Fun Run and have been impressed with them from the beginning. They called me within minutes of submitting an online contact request form.

Steve was so helpful to answer all my questions. It was clear this was the system to try! The big difference between others we were looking at is My Fun Run doesn’t take a portion of your cash/check sales.

Now we’ve just finished our fundraiser and not only did we hit our goal but we actually get to keep most of it. It’s the biggest payout our school has seen in years. Steve and Liza were wonderful to work with and were able to add/fix anything I needed very promptly. The data available through the admin side of the website made tracking prizes for students very easy. It was also very easy for parents to access their students page and for donors to donate.

All around everyone involved was very impressed with the system. We will definitely use them next year!

Christa Gilstrap, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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http://www.mms.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Mile for Mill Middle School

We had even more success this year, than we did last year! We love having a central website where we can distribute information as well as collect sponsor donations and registration for the run. We love how easy it was to work with MyFun Run and also it's really one of the better priced websites. They only kept 10% + 3% of the proceeds and other sites keep 25% - 50%. Thank you!!

Eliza Damstedt , Williamsville, New York

http://www.brookfieldpto.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Brookfield Bears Harvest Run

The Brookfield School was very pleased with our experience working with MyFunRun.com! Everyone we had contact with was pleasant and very willing to help. When we had questions or concerns, they were addressed quickly and efficiently in a friendly manner. Any changes we requested to our site occurred almost immediately.

The site itself was clear for our families to donate through, and very professional looking. It was also extremely easy to navigate as an administrator!

Because of working with MyFunRun.com, we were able to create an event that was specifically tailored to our school community, on a schedule that worked best for us. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged more families to take part, and thus our event was very successful!

We will definitely be using MyFunRun.com for our future events, and would highly recommend it to others!

Deanna Greenstein, Brockton, Massachusetts

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http://trickum.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Trickum Middle School

Even though this was our school's 5th year holding a color run fundraiser, it was our first time using MyFunRun's website. We raised 40% more money this year using MyFunRun! We were so excited that we exceeded our goal! The online website was very user friendly and it allowed parents and students to share it online so they could receive donations from family and friends.

We all loved the Leaderboard - showing the amount raised per class. Teachers and students kept checking the website to see which class was in the lead. The reports, graphs and charts on the website, plus the ability to add offline participants were the top reasons we chose MyFunRun. The website had everything we needed. Liza and Steven were amazing to work with. They were always quick to respond to any question or last minute request we had.

MyFunRun definitely added to the success of our fundraiser and we will be using them again! Thank you MyFunRun!

Cindy, Lilburn , Georgia

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http://greenmeadow.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Green Meadow Elementary

Our school fun run was a couple of days ago and it was a big success! We raised even more money than our goal. Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate how responsive you have been. You have been a pleasure to work with!

Ann S, Maynard, Massachusetts

http://dkies.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Daniel K Inouye Elementary PTO

Our fundraiser has been a huge success! We have almost doubled our goal and this is the first event that has every single class participating. I even had a teacher that rarely participates, win for most money earned in her grade. I can't wait to see how things go on April 19th! I am very happy we decided to use MyFunRun.com! Thanks!

Tricia Mitchell, Wahiawa, Hawaii

http://mccaskeytrack.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

Montclair Elementary School

We are wrapping up our MyFunRun campaign and we are so excited with our results! We didn't hit our goal but it was pretty aggressive and we still raised more than we did when using the Boosterthon company! Thank you Liza for all of your help in this process. We look forward to doing this again in future years.

Amy Cunningham, Dumfries, Virginia

http://mccaskeytrack.myfunrun.com/ Testimonial

McCaskey Track and Field Booster Club

It was delightful working with Liza and Steven from MyFunRun. The website was very user friendly for our event participants. They were extremely responsive anytime we needed a change made on the website. They were also really receptive to our idea of a “Team Challenge”. They created it on the backend and the idea was very easy to implement. Highly recommend using this company!

Amanda Fowler, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

pesclub.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Pinon Eagle Express Fun Run

Pinon Elementary School PES 2nd Annual Eagle Express Fun run was once again a hit! MyFunRun representatives kept in touch with me over the summer and I also received the newsletter. All this was a reminder that I needed to bring this to the attention of the parent organization and ask if we were once again interested in hosting a 2nd annual fun run as our schools main fundraiser. Without hesitation the answer was a "yes".

I contacted myfunrun and since we were familiar with the process all was very easy. If there were questions all I had to do was submit an email and within a day my questions were answered. Since we already had a website template in the queue everything was set up in record time and we immediately started up the fundraiser.

The students and parents at the school were elated to find out that we would be hosting a 2nd annual Eagle Express Fun Run. Based on last years successes the parent group felt comfortable upping the stakes a little. We inquired about t-shirts available through the company. We shopped around locally as well but we could not beat the quote offered to us by myfunrun. Within days we had over 500 shirts delivered to the school. Main advantages of the Online fundraising program is the flexibility to have people donate at their convenience. The easy access to their students information enabled them to get right in there and make a donation. Parents and staff appreciated that there was no catalog sales and the actual day of the event was so much fun to the students, parents and staff.

Several other school administrators and parents from other schools inquired about our fun run and we provided a brief description of the program, showed them the website and explained to them that the fun run not only brought in major funds for the school but it again provided a sense of "Community" to the entire school. Students and staff wear their fun run shirts with pride and talk about how much fun they had on that day and ask "when are we going to have another fun run". Looking forward to the 3rd Annual Eagle Express Fun Run

Karen V, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Elmwood Elementary - Halloween Hustle Walk-A-Thon

In prior years, our school of just over 300 students had raised no more than $3000 or so each year we did our Walk-a-Thon. When we turned to MyFunRun, we used their online tools plus added daily announcements and level incentives of our own to encourage participation. We raised a total of $15,045 our first year with MyFunRun!

Less than $2000 of that was in sponsorships. Our student community came through big time and we had amazing success. The online leaderboard and personalized URLs for students were the two things we felt helped catapult our fundraiser… We ended up pulling in well over $11,000 after all expenses and fees. Tons of improvements to make for year two, but we are excited about the potential for even greater donations next year!


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doncallejon.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Don Callejon Walk-A-Thon

Working with the MyFunRun team was easy and got us amazing results! The majority of our families at the school are transplants to the bay area, having the online portion of our event significantly increased our donations. I would highly recommend using MyFunRun to increase donations! It was easy and it reaches the distance!


wheelerpta.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Paws, Set, Glow! - Wheeler Wildcats

After researching a few companies to help with our 1st fun run, our PTA decided to go with MyFunRun. We especially liked the ability to customize our event materials and website, the fact that it's non-invasive and non-disruptive to the school, and they had the lowest fees. Our fun run support was great – the creation of our website was very easy, we received fast and helpful responses to any questions we had – it was an overall great experience. We have already recommended MyFunRun to other organizations. Thanks for helping us make a fun and successful event for our families!

Jessica Zulkosky

libertybell.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Liberty Bell Elementary Amazing Autumn Relay

Once again, our experience with My Fun Run was a very positive one! Our event was a huge success and we thank you for providing quality and friendly service. We will be back again next year!


lincolnelementarypto.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Lincoln Elementary School - Race For Education

Our Race For Education was a huge success. Online donations really helped us reach our goal leading up to the day of our event. It is my hope that our parents now see the ease of online donations and will be more willing to use this option next year. As it stands we are approaching $16,000 dollars total with a 1/4 of that coming from online donations. Last year we missed our goal and I like to think this new option has contributed to the additional funds we received to reach our goal. I thank you and your company for the help in establishing the website for us. I look forward to using your services again next year.

Michael Ginter

williamwright.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Celebrating 10 years

Thank you for everything you have done to make this fun run such an amazing experience for our school! Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone looking to use your company that would like to speak with previous clients. We had a truly wonderful experience and look forward to working with you again next year!

Chrystal Ruggieri

aikahi.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Aikahi Color Run

I have really enjoyed working with My Fun Run! I initially worked with Steven to answer all of my questions about how the process would work if we went with My Fun Run to help us organize our 1st Color Run. He was very patient with me, as I took several months to make a decision and get the initial ball rolling. He was very helpful in answering my questions and took time to explain the process to me. I also appreciated his follow-up when some time had passed and he had not heard from me.

As the process got rolling, I began working with Liza. She was truly amazing! I was so impressed with how she consistently answered my questions in a timely manner and made requested changes (and there were many) to the website. I would receive emails from her at the strangest of hours (there was a 6 hour time difference) and wondered if poor Liza ever slept. But, I knew she was working hard on making our website perfect and appreciated her dedication to making the website everything I wanted it to be. I also appreciated how when she didn't know the answer to my question, she would let me know that would get back to me as soon as she found the answer. I thought this was very professional of her.

Overall, I was very happy with the success of our event. We raised over $10,000! It was nice having My Fun Run in my corner-providing the admin materials and keeping track of the funds raised online. I plan on using My Fun Run next year when we hold this event again.

As they say in Hawaii-Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much), Liza & Steven! You were fabulous to work with!

Gina Salehi - PTA Secretary, Aikahi Elementary, Kailua, Hawaii

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stmarkptpo.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Lion Laps For Education

We are ready to shut down our fun run website. It was very successful thanks in part to MyFunRun! Please feel free to give my name out as a reference should you need it. Thanks for all your assistance.

Karen Bray

sqms.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Color Fun Run

We are officially done with our Color Fun Run. It was a great experience for us and we are very pleased with our results. We raised over $25,000! Thank you for all your help and your great service. We will definitely be using you again next year.

Monica Berwig

peters.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Peters Elementary PTA

My Fun Run was fantastic! This was the first year we ever did a Fun Run at Peters Elementary and My Fun Run was an essential part in making our first event a huge success. The website they created allowed us to bring in more donations than we ever would have, and it was so easy for donors to use. Various different types of reports could be created in just seconds from the website. Everyone at My Fun Run was extremely helpful and responsive. We will definitely be using My Fun Run every year!

Samantha Fitzgerald

holmes.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Holmes Elementary H.E.R.O. run

We are officially wrapped on our fundraiser and so happy to say that it was a HUGE success!! We blew our goal out of the water, and a large part of that was due to your great partnership and support. I want to thank you both for such a seamless and smooth process throughout our whole fundraiser. You were both extremely responsive and attentive at every turn, and I personally, am very grateful. We will definitely be back to partner with you next year! Thank you again so much for a great program!!!

Deena Carney, San Diego, California

urbana2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Urbana Elementary School PTA Fun Run

My Fun Run was such a huge success! I am so proud that our school raised $26,325.00, and we had the best time doing it! Teachers and parents are still talking about it, and asking me if we are doing it again next year.....of course we are!!!!

Last year our school raised $7,500, after the 30-50% commission, selling wrapping paper and home goods. We had numerous complaints from parents that they were tired of buying expensive wrapping paper to support our school. As the fundraising chair, I knew that I had to use this feedback and change things around. So, I started looking into other options, and loved the idea of a fun run! Most of the companies that I found required us to mail letters to family and friends, and with 704 students that was not an option for me.

I was so excited when I found My Fun Run, and realized that they offer an online option! I also love the fact that they don't take over the event, unlike many other fun run companies. Plus, the commission that we owed them was drastically lower than any other company's. I loved that we could customize our website, and that each student had their own web page with a goal thermometer! One huge bonus, that I didn't initially think about, was the fact that the reports made it super easy to announce the class or grade in the lead!

Courtney Bray - UES fundraising chair, Frederick, Maryland

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bcems.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Barre City Elementary and Middle School

After several years of running an offline event, our PTO decided to find a way for friends and family to make donations online.

MyFunRun was our choice because they offered the flexibility of having both online and offline donations and not have to pay fees for offline donations, the ability to only show first names and last initials to protect the privacy of the student, the ability to have the donor cover the fees, and the great website and easy interface. We had a few hiccups along the way, but our rep at MyFunRun was always very helpful and very quick in responding to any and all requests. I would highly recommend MyFunRun!

Sonya Spaulding, Barre, Vermont

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greenbrook.myfunrun.com Testimonial

2nd Annual Greenbrook Gets Fit

This was our second year working with MyFunRun. Both years, we did a non-traditional "fun run event" and the MyFunRun team customized our website to accommodate exactly what we needed.

They were always available to answer questions and were very responsive and expeditious with all requests - from the fundraising committee as well as from individual parents. With the student websites, we were able to reach donors outside of our region. This helped to boost our fundraising. I highly recommend MyFunRun to any school or other organization doing a fundraiser.

Beth Snow - VP-PTO, Southaven, Mississippi

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danielboone2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Super Student Fun Run

We had amazing results from our Fun Run! We raised over $7,000 in a matter of 2 weeks, which far surpassed our expectations! Students and parents were excited and motivated to participate in a Fundraiser that promoted healthy choices instead of buying the traditional overpriced catalog fundraiser items.

What are the two most significant advantages of the Online Funrdraising Program from MyFunRun?
The online component was so nice and easy to use! Not only is it convenient for parents and family members to donate online, but the program has multiple reports that allowed us to motivate the students while keeping everything organized. The online reports inform you of the highest sellers, which class was in the lead, total by grade, and many other types of reports. During announcements each morning leading up to the event, I would announce the highest seller, which class was in the lead, and which grade was in the lead- all using the online reports. It really motivated and excited the students!

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with MyFunRun or not, what would you say to them?
It is definitely worth the time and small expense to have MyFunRun help organize and coordinate your event. We plan on using them again next year!

Dr. Carrie A. Schwierjohn - Principal, Warrenton, Missouri

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friendshippto.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Harvest Hustle Fun Run

We had a beautiful day for our run today and it was a huge success. MyFunRun customer support has been great to work with and I have really appreciated your responsiveness and patience with me. We far exceeded our expectations with this event and look forward to doing it again next year.

Dorothy Evans, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

huntelementarypta.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Hunt PTA Walk-A-Thon

We loved having such a low cost online platform for organizing our walk-a-thon! It was the easiest school fundraiser we've done to keep track of, and required very little volunteer hours! If you have done an o Thon in the past, Myfunrun is a way to INCREASE your profits because they only charge you a small percentage. It was so worth it!

Crystal Hartwell, Puyallup, Washington

ommn.myfunrun.com Testimonial

1st Annual Old Mills Schools Color Fun

Thank you for all your help with our school fun run. Our event was a HUGE success thanks to MyFunRun.
Thanks again for everything!

G Riley, Millersville, Maryland

colorfesthhs.myevent.com Testimonial

Colorfest Holmdel 2015

You and all of the staff at MyFunRun we have dealt with during the 3 months we've been working on our school fun run have been outstanding in both professional and customer service capacities. We are nothing short of thrilled with working with myfunrun and myevent.com.

Renee Schneider, Holmdel, NJ

harwinton.myfunrun.com Testimonial

The Husky Hustle fun Run

Our MyFunRun school fundraiser was a huge success. We are thrilled with the positive response we got with this! Thank you so much for all of your help and support. We will be doing this again next September.

Kim Falconer, Harwinton, Connecticut

brunswick2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Brunswick Academy

I am so glad that I chose MyFunRun for one of our school fundraisers. They made the process so easy and I loved how we could keep track of donations and how everything was so organized. MyFunRun representatives were so attentive and helped with any questions or issues that I had. I am excited on how well our fundraiser went and I would definitely recommend to any other organization looking for a fundraiser. Will use again!!!

Ann Montgomery, Lawrenceville, Virginia

liberty2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Liberty Elementary Fun Run

This fundraiser ended up being one of our highest earning events. We were able to have all the students participate, which was one of our goals with doing this fundraiser. We are extremely happy with the results.

What are the two most significant advantages of the Online Funrdraising Program from MyFunRun?
It just made it easier. Parents did not have to "put out" money for family and friends. They (family and friends) were able to make a direct donation, thus taking out the parent as the middle man. There was transparency throughout the process...meaning that everyone was updated on the progress of the fundraiser. I think that the fact that people could see the progress or see what others were giving, motivated them to also give or match the donations.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with MyFunRun or not, what would you say to them?
The entire process was stress-free and easy. Having MyFunRun set everything up took a lot of the work out of the event. Also, you are free to make your event what you want it to be. You can keep it simple or go all out. I think the information given by MyFunRun to help get the event off the ground was just enough. It was not overwhelming. Also, I think that the communication throughout the whole thing was awesome. If any changes needed to be made or if I had any questions, I got a response very quickly. I also think that the fact that you are able to keep 100% of the offline donations, and that MyFunRun receives a small percentage of the online donations, makes it a no-brainer. Other fundraisers, such as selling items, you are lucky to get even 50%, and I think you have a lot more work to do and invest more time. For us, the time invested was minimal (putting together packets) and it did not require a huge time commitment from our volunteers. Essentially they showed up the day of the event to cheer on the kids. Also, if you are looking for a way to have the entire school participate in a PTA sponsored event, this is the way to go. Overall, we are very happy with MyFunRun and look forward to working with them again next year.

Christine Cirlin, Valley Cottage, NY

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poe2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Edgar Allan Poe Classical School

Everyone that I have worked with at MyFunRun from Steven, Liza to Corina have been excellent. They were extremely helpful, patient and responsive to my questions and needs. It has been a pleasure working with all of them. Working with your company has been an awesome experience. The website and its ease of use was much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!

Kishasha Williams, Chicago, IL

nobleton2015.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Colour Fun Run & Spring Fling

In only two short months we managed to raise over $18,700.00 which was over $1,000.00 more than our goal! After the event, I was told by my team members that they never thought we would reach our goal – I wholly believe it is thanks to My Fun Run.

When myself and the Nobleton Public School Parent Council's Fundraising Committee decided to put on a Colour Fun Run we did not know where to begin. Luckily, a team member had forwarded your website to me and everything took off from there. My Fun Run allowed our students to reach out to family and friends around the globe, as well as businesses to sponsor on-line. There was no chasing after people – just send them an email with the link and before you know it that thermometer is rising! Liza Eidelman was a dream to work with. No matter how pedestrian my questions and queries were she always responded positively and promptly. I do not have a lot of computer/on-line experience but the My Fun Run website was simple to work with – everything is perfectly laid out. We will definitely be using My Fun Run for all of our upcoming fundraisers. Thank you, My Fun Run, for making my team and I look amazing and allowing us to purchase 33 new laptops and four new charging stations for our little, rural elementary school.

Michele McNally, Nobleton, ON

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waddell2015.myfunrun.co Testimonial

Waddell Elementary School - Believe You Can

This April, 2015, we decided to do a Color Run Fundraiser and because we've used MyFunRun in the past, we decided to do this one with this company again. MyFunRun provides an organized way to have all of your donations added into one spot and having it “real-time” is beneficial! Children find it fun to have their own webpage and really like being able to see the meter rise towards their goal!

MyFunRun helped us reach family members and friends that live outside of our community and state! It was nice to be able to reach out to those family and friends outside of the state of CT to help donate to the playground for our school. Being able to reach more people and being able to do things on social media to outreach to a significant amount of potential donators.

Autumn Struk, Manchester, CT

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quartzhillptso.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Quartz Hill Elementary

Thank you MyFunRun for helping us have a great fun run this year. Your online platform was great and the dashboard saved us a lot of time and had so many great reports. We were really happy with everything and raised more money for the PTSO than we did last year with Apex Fun Run. We will definitely use you again and we recommend you to others!

Becky Weaver, Gilbert, AZ

masoncrest.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Mason Crest Elementary School

Selecting MyFunRun.com was an important part of the success of our school's first in-house Fun Run. The ease of having MyFunRun set-up the website and materials for each student was well worth the fees collected for those services. MyFunRun put together a website that was easy to navigate in both English and Spanish and featured our content including pictures of our prizes.

The kids and adults enjoyed watching the collection thermometer rise and could easily see what school spirit day was next based on the fundraising levels achieved. I highly recommend MyFunRun to any school looking for a secure way to track both online and off-line donations.

Kim Grutzik, Annandale, VA

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robertreid.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Robert G. Reid Elementary School

Our school recently used MyFunRun for our 1st walk-a-thon event. We had researched many different ways to reach out to people. After meeting with MyFunRun at a PTO Expo we decided this was the most effective and productive way to go. The process was simple and the event was a success. We will definitely be doing this again next year.

Kelly Templeton, Middletown PA

daltonelementary.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Dalton Elementary

Thank you myfunrun.com! I have been involved in our PTA for many years now, and we have always struggled for a successful Fall fundraiser. Well NOT ANYMORE! We did the Dalton Dash in October of this year and it was a HUGE hit! The kids loved it, the parents loved it and the PTA loved it!

As the Chairperson of the event, I can honestly say that it was the easiest event that we have every done. Myfunrun.com gives you absolutely everything you will need to hold your own successful event at an affordable price (worth EVERY penny). Having everything online and available 24 hours a day was the key to our success. We had our goals, participant pages, schedule of events, sponsorship information and participant donation tabs all right there! Thank you again for helping us meet our first year goal - we have already signed up again for next year!

Stacy Veach, Dalton Gardens, ID

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dutchfork.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Dutch Fork Elementary School

MyFunRun.com was an essential component in our school's fundraiser. Without them, we would have missed out on thousands of dollars in donations that were safely processed via credit cards.

Even if we had received zero credit card contributions, the site was vital in tracking offline donations, being able to reward students for money raised, maintaining a current leader board in various categories (grade, class and individual), and avoiding human error if we had processed everything by hand.

Diane Starnes

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peaslee.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Marguerite E. Peaslee Elementary School

Our K-5 School needs a new playground and we decided to do a Fun Run--our first ever. In less than two weeks, we have raised over $10,000! It has worked beyond our expectations. The MyFunRun Team have been very flexible in our school's needs for confidentiality.

They were very helpful in coming up with alternate ideas that our school administration was comfortable with. It's been so easy to implement and students and staff are having fun tracking the progress so far. Working with MyFunRun has been such a positive experience on so many levels.

Liz Nolan, Northborough, MA

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jppsfunrun.ca Testimonial

JPPS Fun Run

What an incredible day and what a phenomenal achievement! I just wanted to thank you all for bringing MyFunRun to JPPS and ensuring that it was such a tremendous success. Our students grew more and more excited as the days passed. $20 000 seemed like a lofty goal but we managed to meet our expectations. Can't wait for next year's FUNRUN!

Amy Finkelstein, Cote-St-Luc, QC

morningside.myfunrun.com Testimonial

Morningside Elementary School

We will definitely do MyFunRun again next year. It was so easy and the feedback from parents was all positive. We have been focused on fitness this year and no one likes to sell junk. We Love MyFunRun!


Galesburg Christian School Testimonial

Galesburg Christian School

We are off to a great start! I love how easy this is for us to run. Thank you!!!

Galesburg, IL

oakpointepalathon.org Testimonial

Oak Point Elementary Pal-A-Thon Run

MyFunRun allowed us to turn our walk/run into a great fundraising event which included personal fundraising pages for each participant! The reports and tools reduced our workload and we were able to raise more money than ever before. Thank you MyFunRun!

Laura Mellichamp, Irmo,SC