MyFunRun Helps You Raise More Money

Higher Margins

With MyFunRun you will raise much more money than you do with other fundraisers. Traditional fundraisers allow you to raise 40-50% of the total amount raised. With MyFunRun you can raise much more (up to 90%). Click here to see the pricing page.
MyFunRun Higher Margins

MyFunRun Greater Reach

Greater Reach

MyFunRun will make a website and personal fundraising pages for each participant so they can receive donations online from family and friends around the world. MyFunRun takes advantage of mobile, email, and social networks to maximize your fundraising. The printable personal fundraising page with QR code also increases offline donations.

2 More Ways To Raise

MyFunRun gives you 2 more great ways to raise more money through corporate sponsorship and the built-in online raffle. Click here for more information.
MyFunRun More Ways To Raise