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How is MyFunRun Different?

MyFunRun is different than Boosterthon or Apex Fun Run because we do not come to your school. Some schools object to the presence of a fundraising company in the school during the campaign because they interrupt the curriculum and they put a lot of pressure on the kids to fundraise. Since MyFunRun does not come to the school we do not have these negative effects on the campaign.

It is important to capture some of the spirit and hype in order to keep the kids engaged and motivated to fundraise. MyFunRun believes that this can be done by the school itself, without too much pressure or interruption. We show you how to do this with our coaching and MyFunRun guide book.

MyFunRun is Easy

Raise Money

Save by Fundraising the Modern Way

Another difference between Boosterthon / Apex Fun and MyFunRun is we are not present on the day of the run. MyFunRun believes you can capture the same experience by having some volunteers helping out on the day of the event. You will save thousands of dollars and can even afford to hire an event planner to help if necessary.

Another benefit MyFunRun has over the competition is the system where the donor makes the donation right away. That is the modern way of doing charity fundraising. Boosterthon and Apex Fun Run do it the old way of asking for pledges, which then requires that you go back and chase the individual to collect the donation. It creates much more work for everyone.

Fast and Easy

MyFunRun is better than any other fun run company when it comes to the online fundraising portion because that is our business (see our parent company We are a website development company and a payment facilitator and have been online for 13 years. The other fun run companies use 3rd party payment processors, and do not provide each school with their own customized website, and they do not pre-register all the students and give them their own personal fundraising page and domain name.

We provide the school with a custom website for the fun run and all the personal fundraising pages for the students. We pre-register everyone so all you have to do is give the kids a packet (we make the materials available digitally or in print) with their personal fundraising page and ask them to share it with their networks.

MyFunRun Website

MyFunRun Website

Raise More with Alternative Ways to Fundraise

The website has other great ways to raise money. There is corporate sponsorship and an online raffle built in to the website. These are all optional but if you put in the effort you can raise a lot more money. The website also has a leaderboard that tracks the fundraising by individual, class, grade or team.

Keep More, Pay Less

MyFunRun is much less expensive than other Fun Run companies. MyFunRun only charges 13% of the revenue that is generated through online fundraising. We do not take anything on funds raised offline (through checks and cash). There is a $395 set up fee which is deducted from the funds raised so there are also no up front costs whatsoever. Our competition charges close to 50% of the funds raised including what is raised offline, and they have significant up-front costs.

MyFunRun More Ways To Raise

Fundraising Online Customer Support

Unlimited Support

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Top 10 reasons why MyFunRun is better than other fun run companies

1) Net more money! - The average fees for MyFunRun are 10% of the total fundraising, compared to 50% for other fun run companies.

2) Avoid angry parents - If you have used other fun run companies you know parents can get very upset when they learn 50% of the fundraising goes back to the company. MyFunRun only charges 10% on average, so there is no backlash from parents.

3) MyFunRun is not Intrusive - Full service companies can be intrusive in the curriculum, and place unnecessary pressure on students. Take control of how and when you want to motivate your students.

4) Custom Fun Run website - Your website has its own address, your logo, colors, theme, and content.

5) Donation model vs Pledging Model - Our model has a clear amount to donate, requires much less work, has less delinquent or uncollected donations, and there's no need for unpleasant rounds of collections.

6) Pre-registration model - Every student is automatically registered and able to fundraise with their own unique webpage. Increases participation, reduces work, eliminates confusion and errors.

7) Modern Dashboard - View real time stats at a glance, and get insights into your campaign. Filter, sort, and search all transactions by student, donor, class or grade. All reports can be downloaded.

8) Customized materials - All materials are prepared with your logo, contact info, etc... (in .PDF format). Materials include everything that you will send home to parents.

9) More ways to raise - Sell sponsorship packages online and sell raffle tickets online.

10) Access to a fun run expert - We are here for you and you get a complete step by step guide and help center with everything you need to know about promoting your Fun Run campaign. We’ve made everything easy for you.

Top 10 reasons why MyFunRun

The Complete System

The Complete System

  • Turn-key system includes everything to guarantee your success.
  • Customized Fun Run website.
  • Unique webpage for each participant.
  • All materials customized with your school logo and unique information.
  • All materials provided digitally for download in .PDF format.
  • The MyFunRun Complete System
  • Student kits, sponsor sheets, certificates of completion, posters and more.
  • Rewards program fully integrated (optional).
  • 3 more ways to raise; sell sponsorship packages and online tickets/raffle.
  • Leader Board (optional).
  • Color Run (optional).

Admin Dashboard

  • The Dashboard will make managing your fun run a breeze.

  • Track online and offline donations by participant, class, grade and school.

  • Manage your rewards program automatically and easily.
Admin Dashboard

Help Center

  • The Help Center explains the MyFunRun system from A-Z.

  • Follow the reminders and articles to raise the most money.

  • Use the tips and tricks to raise even more money!
Help Center

Student Kit

Student Kits

Each student receives:

  • Letter home to parents explaining the run

  • Sponsor sheet for offline cash/check

  • Fundraising flyer with URL and QR code

  • MyFunRun flyer - How to Fundraise

  • Sample request for donation

  • Sample Thank you letter